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Council & General Committee

Council & General Committee

The Council of the Union Jack Club

The Union Jack Club is a Registered Charity and overseen by an elected Governing Council of Trustees, with an Executive Committee made up of Members of the Council and Executive Officers of the Club. The Council meet four times a year and the Executive Committee meet five times a year. The Council includes former members of the Armed Forces and civilians, all are volunteers. President: Vice Admiral Sir David Steel KBE DL, Vice President: Lieutenant Commander N G N Ashford FCA FSI, Honorary Treasurer: Mr David Cooper MBA  FCA, Air Commodore C Adams CBE AFC (Resigned 15.12.2020), Air Commodore M Barnes, Mr P E Davidson FRICS, Mrs R Garside, WO1 G Haughton OBE MBA, Air Commodore J Linter OBE MA, Captain TFW Martin OBE RN, Brigadier J Stopford CBE  (Appointed 15.12.2020), Mrs S V Swan.

The General Committee of the Union Jack Club

The General Committee represents the views of the Members throughout the Armed Forces alongside Ex-Service members of the Union Jack Club. The committee meets a minimum of four times a year, with a member of each service attending the Council meeting.  It consists of Senior Non-Commissioned members of the Armed Forces who are aware of what is happening both in the Club and within the Services’ environment, and elected Members. Army: WO1 Jon Lowther, WO1 Andy Lamont, WO1 Scott McFadden, WO1 Gavin Paton, WO1 Billy Biggar, WO1 Melita Jarvis, WO1 Leon Reeves, WO1 Paul Clarke, WO1 Kyle Williams, WO1 Kerry Mills, WO1 Richard Mealand, WO1 Vern Stokes. Royal Navy: WO1 Ian Wilson, WO1 Wayne Moore, WO1 Adrian Parker, WO1 Bob Henderson, WO1 Mick Turnbull, WO1 Andrew Driver. Royal Marines: WO1 Ross Wilson, WO1 David Young. Royal Air Force: WO Andrea Culley, WO Sarah Cotman, Macr Tom Buxton, Macr Brian Kayll, WO David Eastgate, WO Brian Hagan, WO Paul Langley.

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