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Council & General Committee

Council & General Committee

The Council of the Union Jack Club

The Union Jack Club is a registered charity and overseen by an elected Governing Council of Trustees, with an Executive Committee made up of Members of the Council and Executive Officers of the Club. The Council meet 4 times a year and the Executive Committee meet 5 times a year. The Council include former members of the Armed Forces and civilians who are all volunteers. The Council and Executive are chaired by the President, Vice Admiral Sir Fabian Malbon KBE (Exec). The Trustees are Vice President, Lt Commander Nick Ashford (Exec), Honorary Treasurer David Cooper(Exec),  Air Commodore Colin Adams (Exec), Mr David Albert(Exec), Air Commodore Michael Barnes, Colonel John Brown, Lt Col Spencer Bull, Mr David Cooper, Sqn Ldr Gail Cowen, Mr William Cowpe(Exec), Mr Peter Davidson(Exec), Mrs Rachel Garside, Air Commodore James Linter, Major General Sir Iain Mackay-Dick KCVO, MBE, DL, Captain Tim Martin, Mrs Susanne Swan, Mr Harvey Tilley, Mr Richard Turpin, Cdr Wayne Ubhi.

The General Committee of the Union Jack Club

The General Committee represents the views of the Members throughout the Armed Forces alongside Ex Service members of the Union Jack Club. The committee meets a minimum of 4 times a year, with a member of each service attending the Council meeting.  It consists of Senior Non Commissioned members of the Armed Forces who are aware of what is happening both in the Club and within the service environment and elected Members. WO1 Paul Stevenson RN, WO1 Dougie Davitt RM, WO2 John Hill Army, WO1 Billy Biggar Army, WO1 Jan Scott Army, WO1 Trevor Beck Army, WO1 Steve Webster Army, WO1 Peter Burke Army, WO1 Ben Wood Army, WO1 Neal Beer Army,  WO Mike Stokes RAF, WO1 Vern Stokes Army, WO1 Glenn Haughton Army, Mr John Ray, WO Ian Giles RAF, WO Sara Caterall RAF, WO Al Frew RAF, Mr Dave Pearson, WO1 Keith Weller RN, Mr Phil Houldsworth, WO1 Ed Stout RM, WO Andy Beattie RAF, WO Paul Bell Navy, WO1 Janice Cox Navy, WO1 Andy Knox Navy and WO Elisha Evans RAF.

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