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Gift Aid:

Gift Aid is an important benefit by which the Union Jack Club can generate money towards the on-going improvement to your Club.  Signing up to Gift Aid does not cost you money, but does allow the Union Jack Club  to reclaim from the tax office, 25p in every £1 spent by you on annual Member Subscriptions for the last 4 years and on all future Subscriptions and Donations.   Gift Aid allows Members to make a significant contribution to Union Jack Club’s development such as the refurbishment to the restaurant and bedrooms. Currently 50% of members have signed up, if ever one did it will double the level of support we can enjoy

We ask every member who is a UK taxpayer to sign up to Gift Aid at nil cost to you, so please complete our Gift Aid Page


Donations provided by Members support the improvements in the Union Jack Club and in 2013 over 25% of Members generously donated.  With the additional Gift Aid, these donations are being invested in the refurbishment in the Union Jack Club. Your donation, however small, therefore makes a real difference to the quality of the Union Jack Club.

If you would like to support Union Jack Club by making a donation, please complete the Donation Form


In 2015 two very generous Members named Union Jack Club as a beneficiary in their will. This subject is extremely personal for a Member to consider, however, by doing so you will make a real difference.   Naming Union Jack Club as a beneficiary in your Last Will and Testament will cost nothing during your lifetime, but will have a lasting impact on the Club members.


If you would like to discuss legacies or donations please contact the Chief Executive, Mr Simon Atkins, or 020 7928 6097

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