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All military personnel currently serving in the Armed Forces below commissioned rank are automatically members and your military ID card is all you need to gain access.

If you are a veteran member of HM Armed Forces and served for two or more years below commissioned rank (and left the Service in a non-commissioned rank) you can become a Member for £20 and £17 per year thereafter.

If you need to request a copy of your discharge papers you can do so by printing and filling in the MOD 1694 form.

If you have electronic or hardcopy version of your discharge papers then please proceed with the online application process click here

If you would prefer to fill a hardcopy version of the Union Jack Club application form please click UJC APPLICATION FORM.

Members are asked to abide by the rules of Club which can be seen by clicking  UJC Rule Adopted 10 May 11 revised 140317

Spouse membership is £25 on joining and annual subscription. Note: Children are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent.

Join the Union Jack Club within two years of leaving the Armed Forces for free (normal joining fee £20).

Enjoy all that the Union Jack Club has to offer with like minded Members and a base in London to assist in your transition.

Widow/Widower Members

Widows, widowers and long-term partners of Elected Service Members of the Union Jack Club are entitled to apply for membership of the Club in their own name.

Membership annual subscription is £17 is due on 1st January each year.

Please contact the Membership Co-Ordinator Stuart Watts on or 020 7902 6049.

Life Membership

Life membership is available to all Non-Commissioned veteran members of HM Armed Forces upon request.

Rates for 2017 Life membership are £350 for under 65 years of age and £200 for over 65 years of age. Spouse/partner Life Membership under 65 years of age £500, over 65 years of age £350.

Temporary Honorary Members

If you are a commissioned rank you and your family can stay at the Union Jack Club and have access to the club’s facilities as a Temporary Honorary Member.

All Serving overseas military are classed as Temporary Honorary Members.

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    The Club prides itself on its history with the Armed Forces